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So now I'm a runner!?

Again I'm surprised by how well it went. I did feel a bit leaden to start with but I relaxed and found my steady pace and suddenly Laura told me I was half way! Instead of turning round I carried on to make a loop so not only a runner but a proper run! Only doing the loop meant I had a long walk at the end to get home. I know what my week 8 run will be now!

Again a nice morning - a bit breezy but lots of hellos from dog walkers. Friday out to do it again. The next three weeks are going to be interesting.... No more intervals...

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A huge well done! Yes, I'm also a bit nervous about the lack of intervals from here on in. But we'll get used to it fairly quickly I imagine. Keep up the great work! :)


The hardest step up is on week 5 when you do run 3, after that, everything you do is just a little bit more than last time. You should coast to the finish now, no bothers.

I always prefer a circular route, I don't like running the same piece of road again!!!


Yep Debs, runners are we. Proper runners if you don't mind!

I changed my route too and did a loop, think I liked it better so will be working on that on Friday morning too. Will check in when I come back and see how it's gone for us.


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