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Still got sore shins!

Hello . Thanks to everyone for their help so far. I have just finished week 6 run 3, and I still have sore shins. I have got new trainers, and got new heel insoles as suggested on here, which have helped. How can I tell if my shins are sore, or if it is shin splints? They hurt to press, but not to walk. Don't want to have to give up now I have got so far! Can anyone help? Thanks!

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I don't know the answer but I know that when my shins hurt they, too, hurt when pressed, like severely bruised, but they didn't actually hurt too much when I ran. They hurt much more when I stopped running and walked! Not sure what that was, but after buying new trainers, which I see you have done, it stopped immediately. Literally, first time I wore the new trainers, no more sore shins. Fingers crossed yours goes away soon too!


Do you heal strike? Or over stride?


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