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5km - 27:14 - 28 degrees - Very hot

Hi all,

Second run after my enforced layoff and I increase my pace slightly. It was very hot and this made it hard to keep up the pace but I was determined to finish in less than 27:30 and was able to do that, but I was sweating bucketloads by the end.

I ran laps around my locap park and my wife was there with our kids. She found my exhaustion after the run amusing and my 3 year old daughter kept asking me my I was so sweaty!

Parkrun on Saturday and I won't be running that very fast because I will be running 9 miles on Sunday.

Here is a link to my run:


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well done...although do go easy...2 runs in 2 days and you've had injury, you need to be really careful....take care and remember to keep it slow and steady...


Thanks for the advice. I ran today's Parkrun slower than normal in about 26:10. I won't be doing any fast runs for a while my 9 mile run tomorrow will be fairly slow, it's mainly to get the longer distances under my belt.


Well done that's a fantastic time. Still the second run was a good time. good luck for your next run


Thanks, I ran another 5km today in 26 mins. I've created a post as well.


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