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What to do about mild back pain?

Just did W4R2 and my lower back is really aching. I was told I had v mild osteoarthritis years ago but physio sorted it out. I'd hate for it to be the reason I can't run! :-( I have good, new shoes that I got on Saturday after a gait analysis so I know that's not it. Just done some stretches but it's still a dull ache. Any advice?

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Are you running with your shoulders drawn down and relaxed, elbows bent at 90 degree and arms pumping forward and back, not across your front. Sometimes without us realizing our shoulders creep up towards our ears, that can cause back ache. It may well settle down as your body gets more used to the demands you are placing on it hopefully. I use a foam roller for what I call ironing out the aches and pains, you may want to consider getting one as its quite good for lower back ache for anyone not just runners.


Thank you! I do have a foam roller in fact, from my last time at physio. Will get it out, and also make sure I stretch properly.

I will pay more attention to my running technique and hope it calms down, but I guess I should just listen to my body. How long would you give it?

Fingers crossed!


I swear by stretching after any run, short or long. If its been a long run over 5K I do double stretches, holding each stretch for a count of 30 then repeat all over again.

Rollering will depend on your upper body strength as you have to hold the position using your arms and shoulders. Just so long as you listen to your body at all times. They do say rollering should only be done every second day but when my sciatica flares I do it every day. These are only my ways of using the roller and if in doubt give your Physio a quick phone to be safe. Hope it helps.


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