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Starting at the beginning again

Hi Everybody, I completed c25k the first time around about 15 months ago, I did a 10k just over a year ago, then unfortunately, I stopped. I'm not sure why, I decided to give myself a break after the 10k, and then lost the habit. I rationalised it to myself, it was raining, or too hot, or i wasn't feeling up to it, and before I knew it over a year had passed without more than 2 runs under my belt.

So I've come back (Yay!) to start from the beginning again, just done w1r1, and I'm feeling pretty good about this, putting on my running top I've come to realise how much weight I've put on, and its got to go.

So, thats about it for now, you'll be seeing the odd posts from me when something interesting happens, or when I feel the need for some positive reinforcement


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Well done for starting again! Recently been in a similar position, have started again and am now on week 4 and am enjoying my running again. Feels better this time round as I know i can do it and it's not so daunting! Making sure I plan my runs stick to the plan. Found it really helpful coming back on here and reading everyone's progress. Good luck with the rest of the plan - will look out for your posts.


Welcome back! What a good idea, to start again. You'll soon be up to speed I'm sure - other people have started again and said that they motored through the programme more easily the second time. All the best with it - enjoy :)


I too graduated last summer but then let things slide over the winter. I have recently started the plan again and am just about to move onto week 4. I am finding it quite hard and seem to have lots more aches and pains than last time but - I know I can do it so will keep going. This forum gives you all the advice and motivation you need, I love reading everyone's posts.


Thanks for the replies,

here's hoping it runs smoothly this time, I did find it easier than I remembered the first time, although whether thats some retained fitness or a psychological aspect I don't know, maybe a bit of both.


Yep thats just where I am too - I have started again having graduated - kept running 5K's regularly and then just stopped. its good to start again - I have one more run of week 3 to do and it is feeling easier than last time - and I guess I really know this time it is possible. Good to know there are other 'returners' out there.


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