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Well that was an interesting week!

Monday we did our half hour run which finishes with a short downhill dash - we can now cover about 4k in 30. Then I decided on a rest day to try the strength and flex. It was very doable , except I was at home and felt a bit of a numpty pacing back and forth across our tiny lounge for the walk parts (it's about 3 steps then turn!).

Thursday was speed. I tried to do the knees up legs cycling thing I've seen recommended , in the hope it would help my technique and thus hive me softer landings, but it was impossible to maintain. Whilst I did seem to get a bit faster I was still going thud thud and as I got tired it was too tricky. So, the quest for how the hell do I land softly continues (really wanna work it out before I hit the pavements) it's all very well for Laura to tell me to run smoothe and soft but she doesn't say how! Anyway because of the slow quick nature, and cos I'm also tracking the walk part our average during speed is slower than in longer runs! Hay ho!

At some point this week I measured myself, and waist & hips have gone down. Tummy not so much. It just sits there atop my hysterectomy scar glaring balefully at me! I figured I'd try the 30 day Gillian thing. Oh boy. It nearly killed me! I have no upper body strength. Could not do one press up. My elbows go all odd and point the wrong way if I try! Then on the sit-ups I'm obviously doing something wrong cos my neck gets sore, no matter how much she says "the neck is not invited to the party", it just gate crashes in there! Then came the cool down. Sit with legs in some form of splits? Er, no can do- not even a tiny gap. Certainly no bending over them. In fact, can't even do it with them straight out in front! So, as I staggered to bed I figured I'm not a shred kind of girl, stick with nhs for now!

Today was 5k day, and we got our best time yet. Just under 38 mins! I know that's slow for some but for us it's ace! Nearly quick enough for the park run. (But the 930 on sat still puts me off...) we are def getting better at the monster hill. Our first km was actually slower on average than our hill km! I still find the first bit the hardest!

So, a week of goods and not so goods! Had to blog - it's been a little while. Did it after every run at first!

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