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Week 8, the story so far and some replacement trainers

Before I started couch25k I went to a proper running shop to get a decent pair of trainers. I came away with some asics GT 2000, diagnosed as a mild to moderate overpronator - this was in May. I started couch 2 5k in June after finding running much harder than expected. I only got serious and stricter with myself mid July. I had my birthday, trips to Edinburgh, the novel sunny weather and a wedding to contend with before that. I started enjoying the running in July but throughout the whole time I've had very achy ankles and pain extending up the back of my calf. After my W8R1 I decided it was defiantly getting worse with the increased distances so before my doctors appointment (complaining about many things) I decided I needed to be better informed so I went back to the running shop. It was then decided I was a much more severe overpronator and needed far more support than I was getting. So I got an expensive pair of insoles.

With my new insoles for W8R2 I wanted to run 4k within my 28 minutes so I memorised the 4k mark on my route. Halfway round I told myself it didn't matter what distance I did as long as I ran for the full 28 minutes. With 5 minutes to go I made a deal with myself, I could have a 5 second water/walk break (I get quite dehydrated easily) as long as I then ran to my 4k mark. Laura announced time was up and I wasn't quite there so I ran for an extra 1 or 2 minutes, to make my 4k. However I had pins and needles in the front part of my foot caused by the insole making my feet too high in the trainer. The aches weren't really any better either more focused around the inside. So I was back at the running shop.

Today with my second pair of new insoles to fix my extreme over pronation (they gave me them for free apparently they were new and needed testing) I ran /attempted W8R3 just over halfway into the run the aches in my legs were quite bad I needed a 90 second walking recovery but after that was able to pick it up again and got to my 4k mark and about 75m further before Laura told me to stop. Should I count this as a successful run and move on to week 9? I feel so ready and keen to try running for the full 30 minutes.

This afternoon I was back at the running shop, I had promised to give them feedback, the new insoles were better but still got new aches and pains on the inside of my leg. The store manager then said he didn't think the insoles would really work for me. And got me to try on new trainers designed for maximum support. Then agreed a swap, my old trainers and expensive insoles I had bought on Tuesday for a new pair of Asics Gel forte shoes. So now I have some new trainers. I'm going to test them as much as I can tomorrow, doing housework. I might see if I can test them out on the shops treadmill, on Monday before my run, if I have any doubts, I didn't get to today as the shop was so busy. Though I'm not very good on treadmills.

And the morale of the story for anyone who has gotten this far? I guess gait analysis and good advice is priceless as is good aftercare from your local specialist running shop. Wish me luck with my new trainers and week 9.

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