Couch to 5K

Blackberries and speedy dog walkers!

Just started to do longer runs in an attempt to work towards my new goal of 10k. Have started to use a lovely route going towards a country park and have found that the dog walkers on this route are much speedier than the ones along the canal where I normally run.

Normally I can overtake those pottering along with thier dogs, but at several points this morning I got inadvertently involved in a couple of weird sort of races with dog walkers whose walking pace was only just slower than my running. As I came up puffing and panting behind them it took forever to get level with them. One or two politely stopped to let me pass before it got too embarrassing. Made me chuckle anyway!

Also discovered that countryside routes at this time of year have a fab bonus of delicious blackberries all along the path. Found them very helpful the other day when my blood sugar felt low and I needed an energy boost! Wanted to stop and pick some to take home but didn't think they'd do very well in my pockets. Just made do with guzzling a handful on the run. :)

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sounds delicious...well done on your progress, and great run fodder!!!


Blackberries have gone mad this year, lovely big juicy beasties as well, some of them. Went for a walk yesterday and at one point all 3 of us had purple tongues from munching them!

Mmmmm, blackberries, new routes and longer runs, have fun!


But could the dog walkers be that quick wit out the dogs pulling them along? Love the Blackberries idea, good luck with the 10k. You will do it. :-D


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