Wine and 9KM

Yesterday i made a promise to do 9km today and this is what happened...

My partner came home from a business trip to Lima to say our car will be arriving tomorrow after waiting months due to various technical issues. So to celebrate 2 small glasses of wine before heading out for dinner. Headed out 7:35 the Japanese restaurant was shut and didn't open until 8pm (when will be learn!), so decided to head to the pizza restaurant (packed as usual), waited for a table and decided to drink water - some people have to run 9km in the morning.

Finally get our table, my partner orders a class of red wine, waiter brings a bottle. Not wanting to sound rude we kept it and shared a pizza. So that was that run has to be postponed.

Until i got up and saw some people saying you can do 9km! Well that was it i was going - a banana and slice of toast, a gallon of coffee and some water. Right off i go (not immediately obviously), got to the starting point of my run - oh no! I need the toilet - can i do 9km needing the toilet? No i can't - right back to the apartment - shall i just dish this 9km - the running gods are trying to tell me something.

NO - i made a promise to all you lovely people and 9km was what i was going to do even if it kills me today. So back to the start of the run - Its warm - start running playlist and garmin - off i go.

Thank goodness after 0.6km - a traffic light - time to catch breathe. Onwards to park1 - right 1.6k - its too warm- stop again to take long sleeved top off - again maybe 1.6km is enough. NO come on - then to the bridge - i will cheat and take the steps rather than run the steep incline. Ok - just make it to large fountain at the top of the park - got to the fountain and on the way back all of a sudden - i felt great. At 3km i thought i really can do this today and what helped was mapping out the route so i had little markers to reach.

Had to stop at the lights again - another chance to get breathe back but it was a shame i was really in a nice stride - I am so pleased that i put some of those running songs from audio fuel (the people who the music for c25k podcasts) they helped loads also waves by Mr Probz - love it!!

Across the traffic lights - loving the new route - really good road to run down- pavement and cycle path - so happy and thought it would be busy but not many people about. Got into el golf now and past the golf course - very fancy and nice around here! Up ahead two dog people walking their dog, other walkers and a cyclist all fighting over the pavement and i am heading towards to bunch up! Right run on the grass all good until boxer leaps towards me and starts barking - i was concentrating on running on grass - takes me by surprise - i leap out of my skin- onwards

I have made it to the second park - on the home stretch. You have done so well! Keep going. Then got to 8km and this is really where the mental challenge really started - first i knew that i would need to go further than i mapped out to reach 9km so that didn't help, then i was like i don't think i can do 1km - so i stopped - took a deep breathe and said come on - went back to music on first part of the run to motivate in the last 0.5km and was concreting so much getting up final incline that i must of missed the buzz on watch and it wasn't until i looked at my watch i saw 9.1km - thats it!! 1hour and a few stops along the way but i did it!

10KM next week !!


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26 Replies

  • Vixchile your commitment is just inspiring and awesome. AND on a morning after a night before :)

  • I don't recommend it - but it felt ok considering when i first woke up- a banana is a wonder fruit though and so is coffee. Actually it turned out to be best overall run to date as i enjoyed most of it and it went quickly

  • LOL. On the occasions I have fallen off the wagon I invariably wake up feeling so guilty I head straight out for a self-flagellatory run. I hvae found that after 15 mins or so I start feeling much more human, and afterwards any trace of hangover or guilt is gone. Not that I use this as an excuse.

  • All I can say is the banana is a miracle fruit! There will be no wine before my race - but considering how well my run went maybe I should think again.

  • Well done. I got tired just reading about it :) Thanks for the heads up on audiofuel. I'm always looking for new music outlets. I had to put it on my iPhone, it doesn't work on the iPod (yet). But all is good. :)

  • The music worked for me it might not be everyone's cup of tea but my next run I will be listening to that and have waves as my power song! I liked the prompts too, felt like I was getting a tick along the way.

  • WEll done Vix. 10 k! Oooooooer

    You'll nail it, no worries

  • Fingers crossed - i want to do 2 X10km before the run. I just need to know i can do it. I don't care about time, well i do a bit only because i think it will such a fast race as it will be so flat. However i have told myself that time will improve when i get more experience and i am still learning about this running stuff.

  • Well done Vix, a sterling effort in the face of red wine and pizza. You're really putting in the miles now and will reap the rewards when it comes round to your race. Happy running m'dear :)

  • Thank you!! Yeah the mileage is starting to mount up now - so need to keep going.

  • That sounds amazing! Well done you.

  • cheers - onwards to 10km now

  • Fantastic Vixchile. Great post I felt I was running it with you. What a superb run. I have had some great runs the day after a night on the sauce. 10k will be fine too I'm sure well done!

  • I am just so glad i went and your guys posts this morning - which got me out the door twice!!!

  • Wow, what a fab post and I could almost see the route with you and feel your breathes and rests :)

    Good luck for the 10k, regards, Janet :)

  • Thank you, it was a good run all in all and so glad I went out.

  • Sounds a fantastic run and a brilliant write up.. thanks for sharing! 9K is a looong way and you smashed it... even after the wine... :)

    Well done!

  • Not as long as 10miles, can't imagine that distance but considering where I was a few months ago it's progress so I am happy. I think I will like 10km distance famous last words

  • Thats fantastic !!!! :D

    I now feel rather sheepish having got up this morning for a run after a few glasses last night, peeking out the window and seeing the rain and hearing the wind and them promptly going back to the couch.

    Ahhhhh. Coouuuchhhhhh.

    I shall go out later. Honest.

  • I am sure if you have a banana you will be up for it, not a real fan of them but they do help with the post wine effect. I am not sure about running in the wind and rain. Wind is not good! So I don't blame you there!!!

  • I just fancied a virtual trip to Chili to come and drag you off the couch! Haaagh!!

    Seriously, brilliant run! Well done.

  • Oh I did need a little push! It's good to post on here your plans so your committed to them!

  • Brilliant Vixchile. You did it! As we knew you would. Is there such a thing as a "small" glass of wine? Only asking.

  • Oh no and not in chile wine comes in one size and that is extra extra large. Plus it's the only country I have been that the waiters only keep the woman's glass regularly topped up. There have been many times that William glass has been nearly empty mine half full, the pop along pour me some wine and leave his glass. We now find it so funny!

  • Well done V! Amazing achievement x

  • Thank you, your response to my earlier post helped me get out the door

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