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Week 7, Run 2 = Done :)

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Well that was a struggle! :(

Was praying to be told by Laura I'd got to 12 1/2 minutes then 5 minutes and also for the 1 minute left. Even the walking at the end was hard! I seemed to have lost my bounce :(

Just a really hard slog today and my slowest yet (if that's possible) :P

Normally I do in late afternoon but because yesterday was so hot I didn't and wanted to get it out of the way early today.

Oh well it's done! :O

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Well done for doing what I found a killer aswell - R3 will be easier I bet ya!! X

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SuperMouseGraduate in reply to Flaraflarkin

Thank you. I really hope it is! :P Good luck with your next one! :)

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It does seem to be a bit of a pig that one, I don’t know why. Well done 👍👍😀

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SuperMouseGraduate in reply to TailChaser

Thank you! :) All the best for your next run too! :)

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I think I thought if you can do it once, it will be the same again. WRONG.

I don't think any of mine have felt similar yet, but the weather makes a huge difference.

You completed it, roll on the next one 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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SuperMouseGraduate in reply to Jell6

Ha thanks, yes I sort of thought that as it's the 3rd run of 25 mins starting back from week 6, run 3, I just kept thinking you know you can do this but I nearly didn't. Can't say i'm looking forward to the next one. Hope it goes better! :O

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Well done for keeping going! It’s the mental battle that’s the hardest I think, that’s why I sing to distract myself, under my breath mind you but helps me breathe and not think about the running/time left 😂 I count down in songs instead ! I did W8R2 yesterday and that was my slowest yet too I’m getting slower as the runs get longer...

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SuperMouseGraduate in reply to awaw

Thank you!

You've found a good technique, not sure I'd have any spare breath to sing though! :O

Yeah I normally count the time in the songs too but yesterday was a whole different ball game! :( Fingers crossed both our next runs go well! :)

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