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4 miles - but I walked a bit again


I broke the rules today and went out running for a second day in a row.

I had texted a friend to see if she wanted to go for a run tomorrow morning but she had a 4-5 mile run planned for this afternoon and asked if I wanted to go along.

It was the first time (other than last week at the running club) that I have actually tried to run "with" someone else. Normally when I go out with my daughter or husband they just run ahead of me!

My friend and I ran at the same pace and chatted as we went - well to be honest, my friend talked and I struggled! She suggested we went a bit slower but I still found the breathing difficult and talking hard.

After just over 2 miles I gave up and walked a bit to get my breath back - my legs were fine but my lungs were struggling and I just didn't think I could keep going. It got a bit easier then towards the end of the run I walked a bit again. When I checked Endomondo it said I had done 3.95 miles so I pushed myself to run again and speed up for the last bit.

I covered 4.2 miles in about 52 minutes so it was slower than yesterday's run but further and a totally new route with some wet and muddy patches.

I had a good warm down walk home but I was fairly exhausted when I got back and still feel tired now - but I have just been out for a 3 mile walk with some different friends so I've had plenty of exercise today!

My next run will be on Wednesday at the running club and I know it will be an hour of doing interval type running so I don't know when I will next get to go out on a "long" run but I hope I can get back into running without walking.

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Hey don't beat yourself up you are doing great. I can't run over 3 miles without walking.

I think by mixing it up as you are it will all come together very soon and you will be able to run for longer with out stopping BUT as above you are doing FAB!!!!!! The interval training will definalty help with speed.

Keep your chin up :)

lucylocket10Graduate in reply to AliB1

Thank you Ali. I think one of the issues is that I did go out thinking that I might not be able to keep up or run as far as my friend as she has been running a bit longer than me so my mind was working against me a from the start! I've amended the title of this post to take the sad face off because I think I'm feeling more positive about it. And I'm really pleased that I've managed over 7 miles running this weekend! :-)

AliB1Graduate in reply to lucylocket10

want to like this!


Phew! I'm tired just reading this! Well done, you'll sleep tonight!

lucylocket10Graduate in reply to Gridlet

I will! I'm exhausted and my legs are really stiff. For the first time I'm feeling it in my thighs - normally it's only my shins that hurt but I've obviously used some more muscles today!

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