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My First Post-Graduation Run - I'm Fitter Than I Thought!

After graduating on Sunday, I was really looking forward to my first post graduation run. I like to leave a two-day gap for the sake of my joints, but I was actually desperate to go for a run (yes, really - who would ever have thought I would say that?) so I went out after work yesterday.

My longer term plan is to start going through the C25K weeks again and try to build up speed, but yesterday evening the lure of the great outdoors was too great to resist, and I decided to take myself out to the local park & see how I got on. I was a bit nervous as I completed C25K on the treadmill because with a history of injury I thought I would be less likely to hurt myself, and I wanted to work on building up my stamina before venturing outdoors.

Well, I almost bottled out as soon as I got to the park, when at the gate I spotted a group of around seven of the local "yummy mummies" about to go for a run. They are nice women, but so different from me (at least ten years younger & ten times more glamorous) and the sort of ladies who won't be seen doing the school run unless they are in full make-up. I have to admit to feeling quite intimidated.

They set off ahead of me, running around the pitch, looking like experts in their swanky running gear. I followed, nervously. It was only when I had completed the first circuit & was halfway round the next that I realised they had all either stopped at the park entrance for a breather or had slowed to a walk. I just carried on running, overtook them all and continued with my circuit. That was such a revelation - I was fitter than the yummies!

I managed just short of 20 minutes without stopping, then another five minutes after a walking break. I was very pleased with that as the park has a couple of gentle inclines, and also I'm sure I was running faster than I would on the treadmill.

That run was awesome. I loved every minute & am still on a complete high. I can't wait to go out again!

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Fantastic, Scipio! Congratulations on besting the yummies -- love the label. You are a runner, for sure. I graduated just a short time ago as well, thought I might work on speed, but found going longer distances at my pokey speed a better choice at the moment. Let's call it endurance! Keep us posted on how you do with the speed work on a re-do of the C25k structure. Happy running!


That's brilliant, Scipio! It's lovely to have a moment like that where you realise exactly how far you've come.

I had a similar experience running with my kids for my graduation run the day before yesterday. They made fun of me for being slow but could only last one round of the park at my slow pace. They conked out at around 18 minutes and I went on to run the full 30. I tell you, we may not be speedy, but C25Kers can go the distance!


Love your post ,Scip...really made me smile ! Sounds like a great run ....made even better by beating the 'yums' :)

You sound like you 're well and truly addicted now !!

Happy running young Scipio :)


Well done on a great post graduation run - it's awful when you feel intimidated and unsure of your abilities (I feel that every time I see another runner as they look 'proper' and I feel like a phony) but it's all in your head, you beat the yummies! Woohoo! I bet they're spitting feathers :)


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