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Had a hysterectomy on the 23rd May this yr (2013)

I have just started back at the gym mainly focusing on resistant bands (working on my core)

Before i had the op, i had started to run again. Though i must admit wasn't sure what i was

I really want to get back to running and i have came across this on the NHS website.

Not sure when it would be safe enough to start i am an ALL or nothing person..

I realise my body is not

And i DO need to take it easy..listening to it

But any advise as to when it might be suitable..and what to watch for..will be deeply appreciated.

Was planning to do the flex and strength as well as the couch to 5k..but i don't know if i would be doing too

Any advise would be very much appreciated


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I was warned by a friend when I had my hysterectomy a few years ago to give myself at least a year to feel fully over it and with hindsight she was right. It is a major procedure to recover from. I had a further procedure done last summer and again I found it took a significant amount of time before I would say I was fully recovered from it.

I think that the Strength and Flexibility pod casts will ease you in gently. You can do them on your 'rest' day and they will help significantly to protect your core muscles. I did do them when I started out on C25K and regret not keeping up doing them. I will start again once life/time allow!

Please do listen to your body and do not try to prove anything by overdoing things. The programme is great and you will achieve wonderful things - if you are kind to yourself!

Overdoing it may only make recovery take a GREAT deal longer in the long run.

Good luck Jules and try to keep patient, it will all work out well soon enough.

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I appreciate all advise

I am my own worse enemy ... Lol

It's hard to take a Back seat .. Like I say I am a all or nothing person

And that's my downfall

A think cause I'm 3wks into my programme that I can now start running

I am so glad I found this site and grateful for all advise given

It will be hard to slowdown

I won't lie!!

Thanks again


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If you can get onto a good Pilates class and explain you are post surgery to instructor she will be able to advise good safe exercises for you. You will need to be careful and not do too much too soon. You could try an exercise bike in the mean time to strengthen your legs, also walking and swimming would all help to get you fitter in readiness for taking up running again, non of which are high impact. Wishing you well and look forward to hearing about your progress.

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Thanks for yer advice

A cycle regularly

Love ma bike.. Though a must admit cycling just under 19miles on ma second outing after 7wks post-op

Was not my best idea!!!


So I now just do between 8-10miles 2-3 times a wk.

A want to cycle more but a have to pull back.. That's one of the reasons a thought starting running again would help.

A really am so glad a put a post up for advice an any info to help my self.. An to see that I do need to take it easy..

Every bit of advice is now helping me.. To take heed and listen

That its ok to take my time and will still get the results I hope for... As they say..

"Rome wasn't built in a day!!"

Thanks again I do appreciate your help and advice.

I have tried the tread mill

.. And only lasted 10mins and that was walking and running.. A actually couldn't do any more

But a felt good for trying as I now know I will leave it another month and try again

The instructor at the gym was surprised at my fitness level...

And I'm surprised at how my body is no where near as fit as a thought I was... Lol

Thanks again


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I had one a few years ago, and can empathise with your situation, but I'd have thought so long as you go easy and listen to your body, you should be ok - I think the guide is 12 weeks for activity (rather embarrassing, but I remember counting the weeks until the first type of "activity" I was allowed to do! ;-) ). I know throughout my recovery I had to go for increasingly longer walks and couch 2 5k starts with lots of walking. I think the cycling you already do is more strenuous than wk1 to be honest!


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