Anyone else find their priorities are slightly different now

I am loving this running three times a week lark. I have however noticed some slight changes to my priorities. Take this weekend for example. I went out last night and had a few glasses of wine with friends, nothing too major. Tonight however, I do not want to have a drink because I want to run tomorrow morning. This is quite a change around for me on a bank holiday weekend. I am finding that decisions are being made for the sake of my running. The thing, I like the most at the moment is that I will happily make these decisions. I wonder does this feeling go away or is it here to stay. I personally hope it stays.


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  • I don't drink but I have definitely changed my routines for my running. For example I ran at 5am on Thursday to make sure I could fit 4 runs into my week and I make sure I have a good dinner when I am running in the morning. Also I would never have gone out on a day like today (heavy rain and grey) but I went to my local Parkrun. I too hope it continues!

  • Teeeheee! I wasn't going to run today, but got up, saw the grey, saw the rain and just HAD to go to parkrun!!!!!

  • I'm finding that I'm eating more healthily (and less) and drinking more water, because I don't want to undo any of my hard work so far! So the running is driving my eating habits. In a few weeks I've lost a kilo :)

  • I have upped my water intake significantly to prevent dehydration and stitches during runs - this really works. I also find I drink much less alcohol for the same reasons you mentioned. I am much more aware of my proportions during meals ie how much of what I eat is carbohydrates, how much is protein, etc. Also of how much I eat in total because I cannot run on anything resembling a full stomach without feeling sick, even if the last time I ate was the night before. All good things!

  • I've done this as well! I find I will drink less of a night if I know I'm running the next morning (although I have found running to be a great hangover cure!) and I will change my routine to make sure I fit in a run.......I'm drinking more water and have started eating more carbs (I've followed atkins for years) as I know I need the energy. It's funny what it does to you......I'm currently looking into light rucksacks as I'm planning to start running home from work now the nights are drawing in, so I can fit my run in before it gets too dark!

  • I find I can't have a lie in these days! I have to get up and do something, even if it's not a run day I'm struggling to stay asleep in the mornings so no lie ins!

  • Hi rfc...I'm like Beads, waking up early and lie ins seem to be something in the past now . I'm almost always awake before the alarm on a run day....cos I'm keen to go !

    Like Fee, I am aware of not over-imbibing the evening before a run ,though yes, if it's a teeny hangover,the run does seem to make it disappear ......but I know I wouldn't be able to run with a real stonking headbanger,so I don't go mad as I'd be really cheesed off to miss a morning run just because of that.

    I drink a lot of water anyway-I'm on the 5:2 eating regime ,so I've learned to up my water intake hugely since I started it in February ,but I drink extra on run days.

    I never eat before running ,I would feel too sluggish....and sick probably too.

  • Hehe we are quite the little addicts aren't we. There seems to be some lovely side effects to all this. I Will definitely think about my hydration levels as that one that has popped up quite a bit.

  • I was only saying yesterday to someone - I had been asked to work an extra hour at work and I declined. Why? Because if I worked that extra hour I wouldn't be able to fit in a run before collecting the kids from school!!!

    I guess this is why this programme is connected to the NHS ... they must have realised that once people get the running bug they become healthier people in many more ways than just the extra exercise. Well done NHS!!

  • I can totally identify with what your saying and i too hope that it doesn't ware off.

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