Brooks are brilliant .... But now I'm onto better things

Around a month ago I splurged some cash and invested in my running by getting some Brook shoes and I have got to say they are totally brilliant.

They gave me the confidence to graduate, and the ability to go out and to nail 5k under 30 mins.

But it was this weekend that I realised it wasn't the brooks doing all that work, they had merely given me the confidence to run harder and faster and to push myself a lot further... And for the first time ever I really feel that I can become a runner. Getting them has given me the kick up the are I needed to get out there and to do something positive

10k yesterday has given me such a buzz.... I'm learning to love running.

Happy running everyone.


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12 Replies

  • I started C25K with an old pair of Brooks and treated my self to some Ghost 5 when I graduated. I really love my Brooks!

  • And I thought it was the shoes doing the running, but in reality I had it in me all along, just needed a shove in the right direction..

  • I got brooks too- I got assessed for them.. They have changed my life.. No more knee pain

  • me too - but then I got some really good advice from the shop - mainly on how to stretch out properly and avoiding injury.

  • Yep, after discovering that over-pronating was causing knee and potentially hip pain too, I bought Brooks! ....... Love 'em to bits, and especially the discovery that there was quite a lot of my work going Into the running too! What amazing promoters of good health, fitness, self-confidence and running! Yipppeeeee for Brooks, but yipppeeee for us too :D

  • Well said... Yippee!!

  • Yeah I'm a Brooks runner too these days after over 2 years running in ASICS which i still like i hasten to add but my new Brooks Ghost are pure dead brilliant.

  • Brooks Ghost - you must feel like you're floating along then....

  • I love my Brooks - like many others, no more shin, knee or hip pain - but I have to agree, they don't do the work for us! 10k is amazing, very well done and keep running :)

  • I was so determined to crack C25k this time - 12 months ago I gave up on W5R2 mainly down to pains in my knees and really bad shins, didn't even thought it would be the footwear, trainers are trainers right?

    but yes - we're the one's doing the work, they are just there to support us.

    and I still can't stop looking at my endomondo and smiling that I know officially have a time against 10k - I love collecting their trophies/

  • Hey, fantastic, Matthew! 10k!

    My first proper running shoes a year ago were Brooks - I still have them though they look terrible; I have tried others and will be buying Brooks again next time. Soooo comfy! Mine are Adrenaline.

  • and an unintended 10k too - so makes it even sweeter for me as I wasn't planning on it until mid August in Wales!

    so so comfy you're right, and yes mine are the Adrenaline 13 ones with the red-go-faster swoosh on the side.

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