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I went out yesterday to do the Stamina podcast, quite brave I thought given the hills around here! Laura kept saying to me "feet to the beat - one, two, three, four!" and all I could think was "my feet hurt, two three four"....then I remembered someone on here a while ago (sorry I forget who) saying how if you want to go faster , move your arms faster, so I decided to give it a go - arms to the beat, not feet....I immediately forgot about my feet hurting, and of course my arms were fine. I wondered if this distraction technique might be of use to anyone else. got almost a PB, my best since I had the magic (hurty) shoes....I'm more than happy with that!

Here's the link in case anyone would like to see where I run these day.



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  • That's French France!

    Nice run :)

  • Nice one Curly.

    I never thought about my arms until today when I realised they don't move at all when I am running. Might be idea to start swingin' 'em, as a distraction, if I am in suffering territory

  • Oh yes Dunder , you gotta get those arms going, it works wonders :-)

    Great post Curly, glad to hear your getting your runs in xxx

  • Sounds like a lovely run - gosh, you do cool wiggly line doodahs like Dunder. Moving your arms is a must - bent at 90Β°, and hands with fingers in a loose fist as if you are holding an imaginary egg (can't remember where I read that, but like you, I found that concentrating on my arms took my mind off the sack of spuds tied to each thigh). I have to move my arms when I'm running - I do it when I'm walking too, my husband says I 'm dangerous.

  • Wow Curly that's a serious amount of elevation in your run! Well done :) Think I'll definitely pick up the arm swinging tip when I'm finally allowed back out there. x

  • Ha ha, that's the flat bit! It's 120 MTs to the top....best pace 1 min 04 per KM, my legs probably ran away with me on the down hill bits!

  • I love how you run in France but still measuring distances in miles :-P

  • Is it in miles? Hmm, must be my settings or something I always run in KM - and record I thought...

  • It IS isn't it, on the link? How weird, it isn't like that on my Garmin page...

  • And now it's back in metric... something weird going on!

  • Your link is the "old style" Garmin Connect page whereas, by default, you should see the "Modern View", that probably explains the difference.

  • Brilliant....well done, and it's about 80% mental I think so any distraction is great!!!

  • A work mate has been training for her 1st 10km at the end of this month & she said the same thing about the arms. I try & keep my arms moving & it does seem to work. If I'm flagging I'll put a bit more effort on arm movement & my feet follow. I'm a fan of that stamina podcast - it's just right for my shorter early morning week day runs

  • I read "pocket to socket" about arm swinging and remembered it. It avoids you crossing your arms across your chest as you run, as that's bad apparently

    I like Stamina podcast. Like all 3 of the Steppings Stones ones

    Sounds like a good run there Curly!

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