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HEALTH LOCKED (for the time being)

This website is titled "Health Unlocked" but what with all the injuries and set backs us running folk have suffered, it ought to be retitled!!

Head colds, mishaps, muscle strains & shin splints are but a few of the unfortunate things that stop us from getting out there and doing what C25K meant us to do. It's amazing how frustrating it is NOT being able to do ones run.

Personally speaking, a year ago (sod that, 6 months ago!) I couldn't have ever dreamed of getting up before work and going for a run. It's what "other" people did, you know, the ones I used to think of as "reeeeally weirrrrrd!". But alas, I was the weird one, slowly getting more and more unfit as my 20's, 30's then 40's came and went and resigning myself to becoming a semi-slob. I made endless excuses as to why I couldn't exercise ;

1. I can't get up earlier than I do. I work 12-14 hours per day as it is. I'll be too tired.

2. I'm too tired at weekends after a long week.

3. I'm too old now. Exercise might be dangerous in your 40's.....

4. I've tried it before and had to give up.

5. Only weirdo's go running.....

THANK GOD I discovered C25K. The clever thing about it for me is that, not only does it work, it starts off so gently and quite quickly trains your brain into believing that you CAN actually jog / run for half an hour eventually. I didn't feel patronised by the plan, I didn't feel silly (I was a bit self concious at the start going out in trainers soooo bright that people might think I was a twit - but that soon passed), I genuinely believed I could do this. Achieve something, very personal to ME.

So now I can't run I'm bloomin' angry! But I know I have to let the body heal in it's own time and I'll be good and let it. I'l stay off the donuts. I'll be careful not to drink too much delicious Beaujolias and I'll keep my fingers crossed I can stop rubbing myself in such an embarrassing area - I MEAN MY GROIN STRAIN PEOPLE FOR GOD'S SAKE!! BLOOMIN' 'ECK!

I'll be back running and boring you all senseless soon, with my stories! Until then...



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I can't believe I have waited till my forties to start running...but it was pointed out to me that I used to laugh and think they were all mad and really boring types in my twenties. I love the fact that I just can't wait to get out for the next run...I come in from work at 6/7 and just throw my clothes off and get my gear on, out the door in 5.

I am so sorry about your injury it sounds painful...hopefully you'll be back out there soon. You are sensible to rest up it could so easily get worse.

And just one question....why did you buy glow in the dark trainers??


I bought them because I thought they would make me look incredibly hip, suave, cool, sick, wicked, bad and any other teen word you can think of for "amaze balls"!!!


Love this and all your recent posts, so true I think of all of us. Does Mrs Dan know she has become famous?

Hope the groin strain improves soon, so that you are not away for too long!


Mrs Dan is blissfully unaware of her fame and I'm gonna keep it that way! Hahaha


So true, I often think, what if I'd found this in my twenties, but the time wouldn't have been right, sometimes things just falls into place. Loved the blog, everything ran true to me.


Thanks Phil. I particularly liked your unintended pun "...everything RAN true for me."......



Hiya Dan. I've been suffering from the same thing. At first I tried to ignore it and ended up unable to even walk! I've just started running again after 4 weeks of rest. I've gone back to week 3 and aim to try a week 4 run tomorrow. It's odd. I hate not running but I'm scared of bringing that excruciating pain back.


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