Graduated before the summer holidays but not run for 5 weeks! Where should I restart?

I completed the c25k course at the end Of July and ran the Race for Life. However, since the children have started their summer holidays I've not made time to run. I really want to get back into my running but want to be sensible and not overdo it. My aim is to run a 10k by the end of the year. Any advice gratefully received!

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  • How about going back to the run-walk weeks later on in the programme - is it week 5 or 6?

    Once you've back out there, you'll quickly get back to graduation fitness - it's just a matter of reminding your body how it feels.

    My husband hadn't run for about 18 months but has recently started again - first run was 2x10 minutes with a 1 min walk in between, 2nd run was 20 mins non stop, next run will be 30 mins and so on.

    Good luck!

  • I had not run for 7 weeks because I fell and dislocated my shoulder, Iaa started back on week 6, but after the 20 mins I felt good and just carried on running until Laura said stop for the 5 min walk. At the end of the podcast. Pat :-)

  • The last two times I had a lengthy lay off due to injury I didn't go back to the podcasts but instead just went out and ran what felt comfortable, 10 minutes to start, then next week 15 - I'm up to 25 now. It worked for me but do whatever feels right for you, listen to your body.

  • Thanks for all your replies - great advice. Looking forward to getting back into it!

  • I've been in the same situation and did my first run last night. See my most from this morning. My advice would be to go out and run at a sensible pace and see how long you can manage, you might just surprise yourself. I was surprised how much stamina had remained with me and am now looking forwqrd to getting back into the routine and picking up the pace.

  • I echo what notbad says about listening to your body.

    On the occasions I have had a break I found that a couple of gentle sessions soon got me back into the swing.

    Just remember to take it easy and not to rush at it ~ if you do, you may end up with another enforced break!

    Good luck.

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