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I caused an accident today

It's ok, it was nothing major and no, it wasn't because people were dazzled by my style or speed. ;-) As I emerged from the woods and ran beside the shinty pitch I spotted 3 wee children hanging around on their fancy wee bikes. As soon as the children saw me, they came out of the corner of the park and joined me on the road that goes past the houses. The boy then started to race me - and he soon got ahead on his wee bike! Well, the two girls decided to join in and the youngest wee girl who was about 4 pedalled like fury and was soon alongside me. However, she was looking at me as she went and didn't realise the wee lad had stopped and stood with his bike across the road. This youngster was still looking at me and ploughed straight into the boy's bike! Luckily neither was hurt, otherwise I'd have to stop my run!

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Does that mean we need public liability insurance?. :-D


Ahahahaha !! Was just picturing you assessing whether or not you'd need to stop !!


Excuse me mam I'm with the running traffic police, I believe you were a witness and possible cause of a vehicle pile up today, please show me your running license and insurance to run, which should of course cover you for anywhere in the world!!!!!! ;)

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