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Ex-naked runner beats PB!

I just came home from my first non-naked run in weeks. My mp3-player broke many weeks ago and as a person who hates technical stuff and doesn't want to spend time comparing technical features I kept postponing the visit to the shops. Thus I ran naked, i.e. without music, for far too long.

Yesterday I finally got a new one and today, with the great tips from two members of this forum, I found some very nice podcasts, loaded them onto my new technological friend and off I went. Ok, I have to admit that it took me again a very long time to get the motivation to go out (my main problem in the last weeks). I listened to a BBC podcast and learned a lot about art, lawyers, prisons and pig farming. These topics distracted me completely from the fact that I was running so it was a lot easier and less boring than my naked runs.

Bonus: I couldn't hear my panting which probably helped a lot to make it less hard work to keep going.

The swines really made me run, as I found out while tracking my route at the computer after the run. In comparison to my last naked run, where I made 5.058k in 33:20 min, the swines on my first post-nudist run made me cover exactly 5k in 32:11min which is a PB!

I will express my deepest thanks to my next pork chop before I tuck in ;)

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Well done, that's great. Hopefully you have enough podcasts to keep you going now!


Yes, I think I now have a basic stock of good podcasts to keep me motivated and going. Thank you so much for your podcast list! I will try some of them, especially "stuff you should know" seems to be very interesting. I won't try the football ones though ;)


Haha love it, naked running, swine and pork chops, it all has the makings of a thriller film ;)


Oh my... I didn't think of that... What, if the pigs take their revenge? Will I run even faster? It's like this zombie run app ;)


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