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been absent but not forgotten you all!

Hi peeps!! well haven't you all done (and doing) fantastically well!!

since graduating Ive done another 5k run (or two - get me!) and also done a charity 20mile NSPCC HACK in the hills. Ive joined the gym - dont panic, Im not one of those who will be lifting weights, im more of a class (not classy :-) kind of girl. Unfortunately though, not made it out for a run in quite a while. Im sorry to say, its just too bloody warm! Cant wait for it to get darker and cooler (sorry!)

Work and home life has been, well, totally pants, hence my finding it pretty difficult to keep up with you all on this here lovely community. Im not going to go all "woe is me" on you, dont worry, but life does get in the way doesnt it?!

Trying to sort out my diet still. Not in a major way - I like my curves, but Im watching more what Im eating. These classes are definitely toning me bingo wings though, which is great!

Anyhoooooooo - given that im trying to slowly get back to the old new me (dont try and work that out), I shall do my level best to keep logging in and updating you and supporting you.

Keep smiling :-)


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Yay, it's lovely to hear from you again! Sorry life has been pants for you - hope things are improving. I know what you mean about it being too warm to run but it sounds like those classes are doing you good - keep up the hard work :) And please keep checking in on here, because it's lovely to hear from you again :)


I second that, I haven't forgotten you and you were very supportive when I had my pesky shinsplints! Wow 20 miles, get you! Sorry life hasn't been great, hope things improve very soon for you. Love Susie x :)


So glad you've popped in - yep sometimes life just gets in the way of all our fun, eh? You've missed all sorts of shenanigans on this website while it's been revamped - has driven many of us nuts ;)

Just about the same time as I graduated I started to follow the 5:2 eating regime. I'd lost zippo while running, in fact I think I put on a few pounds and was assured this was muscle replacing fat. Anyway, I've now lost a stone so the scheme is working for me (and I'm a real curvy foodie too)! Still some to go and I'm back to 3 runs a week - couldn't breathe at all in the intense heat!

Welcome back, the days will soon be cooler again. Look forward to seeing your blogs back here again, enjoy your batwing destroying classes :D

Cheers, Linda x


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