Been a while, lost/forgotten password :-(

Been a while, lost/forgotten password :-(

Anyway all back on track now! ;-) quick up date on my running journey. Well on the way to 10k, its still hard work yet i hit it regularly, but not every time. I've down loaded the audio fuel mid effort long run. (Yes its mid effort 155 to 165 BPM) Its a two hour long run that builds up over ten weeks. And I'm loving it! Recommended. After getting comfortable with c25k+.

Im Eternally greatfull to NHS choices for this great set of pod cast. And most of all, all you guys fro the help advise & surport along this on going life changing journey from. Thank you. Happy running every one!!

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  • Hi John. Good to see you're still out there and running. You're doing really well. Great run and lovely scenery.

  • Thanks, & good to here from your self as well. :-)

    Yeah it is a nice run that, always makes me feel like I'm in northern France for some reason? Nice little bit of escapism I guess! Haha & why not. How's your running life going?

  • Not bad. Did my first park run on Saturday and training for 10K! Am just adding half a kilometer every week with a speed or shorter session and a 5K. Haven't booked an event yet but am looking! Taking it very slowly because I'm not as young as you!

  • Congratulations on your park run, good luck for you 10k training sounds like your doing this the way I am nice and easy. That's definitely the key. :-) not done any events my self, not sure I fancy it to be honest! Never say never though. ;-)

    To tell the truth I ernjoy the solitude, time to think and stuff!

    Any way Enjoy your running & chat soon :-)

  • Hi John, good to hear how youre progressing...

    Im following a BUPA 10k training plan for the Great Manchester Run next year. Its working really well for me as I need to have a plan to keep me focused and stop me drifting :-)

    Whereabouts in Sale is that photo taken if you don't mind me asking ? xxx

  • Its carrington moss. Ashton in Mersey. & good luck with that 10k :-)

  • Blimey , that's just a gnats wotsit away from me ! Looks fab...

    Cheers John :-) xxx

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