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Running two days in a row

I know I know. You're supposed to have a days rest in between runs, but I thought I'd try out this 5K+ Speed podcast. It was kind of nice to hear Laura again as I hadn't heard her in a number of weeks since graduating, so off I went into the afternoon sunshine.

I hadn't realised how many people would be out on Sunday afternoon strolls! I had quite a few near misses and nifty swerves to execute along the way on my way into Richmond along the river and then back out on the other side, but managed to avoid collisions with folk.

I have to admit to walking for ONE of the six intervals because it IS quite a tough program - running at 150bpm then upping it to 165bpm for ONE minute then back to 150 for one minute - you do this six times. I was pooped after the fourth interval and just had to get myself together by walking.

Not sure whether I felt I'd achieved anything really as I really don't know what I'm looking for to be honest. I would dearly love to get back that HUGE feeling of wellbeing I used to get after completing each run of the C25K prog, but each "post run" feeling is more of a balanced "Well at least I did it" kind of feeling.

Definitely having a couple of days off now though!! My 50 year old legs need a bit of "Leg Time" to recover.

Right! Off to eat a horse. I'm starving!

Toodle oo.......

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Well done and I'm not surprised you're knackered after a 2 days in a row stint.. Every time I've attempted that its ended in tears...I try and do my swimming ( my other passion) on my In between days as it uses different muscles and gives a bit of variety... Blimey how boring does that sound!!!

Enjoy your horse, but don't eat a whole one or you'll get tummy ache too ( and get fat).



I've done a few of the speed runs to try and improve my times post graduation and it was hard at first but I did get used to it fairly quickly - however, it has helped me improve my times. The stamina run is much harder for me - I feel it's much more of a challenge.

I usually have a day off in between runs but a couple of weeks ago I did try a speed run the day after running for about 40 minutes and I thought it would be easy because I was used to it but it wasn't - I finished it but it was pretty hard! So well done for keeping going!

Try the stamina run - that really sorts your legs out, especially if you go on a hilly run! Lol. But, it has helped me in increasing the distance I can run.

Anyway, forget the horse, I'm celebrating with some wine today after improving my distance!

Good luck with the rest of your running!


UPDATE!! Having felt a bit of a twinge in my hip/groin last evening I awoke this morning with full on discomfort! Only my left leg though which is odd, but it sure is painful. I just walked up to Oxford Circus from Soho (not far) on a "Mrs Dan Perfume Mission" and it was buzzing the whole way with pain. And the pain has nothing to do with the price of the perfume she wants!!!



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