When can we start running a couple of days in a row?

I'm on week 7 now and amazed I've got here given I could barely manage a waddling shuffle for the 60 secs required in week 1!

Is it always best not to run 2 days in a row? I love doing C25K and look forward to it (who'd have thought it) but life can get in the way. Rather than have extra days break and setting my progress back, I'd love to get out 2 days in row.

Is this really that bad?


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6 Replies

  • Yes, I would also like to read any comments on this question..it's something I often ponder over!! ;]

  • I have done two days in a row two or three times without any problem but another time I felt completely worn out and had to rest for a couple of days. I haven't done two programmed C25K runs on consecutive days - I was running with a local group as an "extra" and the time when I felt worn out we had covered over 6km of a very hilly route. I think the best advice is probably to listen to your body - if you're not feeling sufficiently recovered then don't run. Recovering properly is an important part of the program !

  • I should probably also have said that in week 7 onwards you are running for much longer lengths of time than previously so your rest days are probably even more important now.

  • Well, I have always allowed a days rest in between runs, because I just don't want to risk having an injury. And (touch wood) it's worked :)

    Having said that I do know that other graduates have had to do 2 days in a row, so I'm hoping that they will leave a comment for you!

    Runners with a few more weeks/months of running under their belt (i.e training for a half marathon or marathon) often do four runs in a week, which includes a gentle 30 minutes and then the next day intervals or something similar, but they never put long runs next to another run.

  • You should always have a rest day but its ok to do a different type of exercise eg cardio one day and then resistence the next. When you exercise you tear the muscle fibres and need a day for then to repair themself properly. The odd days double running will be ok but not a habit you should get into.

  • Thank you so much for your thoughts.

    On the one hand I was thinking that the rest was more important in the earlier weeks whilst our bodies got used to being dragged off the couch, on the other hand the later weeks are more demanding.

    I already do other exercise as I have ponies and riding is goid for core strength but have also decided to get an induction at the local leisure centre gym to do a couple of ad hoc circuit sessions. I'm still dieting so can't build muscle or tone on my current calorie intake, just as with the C25K the aim at this stage is to get in the habit of enjoying exercise so it feels wrong not to.

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