Couch to 5K

Well I've done it! I got a free place for the Great North 5K - and accepted!

Feeling rather nervous now... I dithered about accepting this time round as after an accident and then picking up an injury as soon as I started running again I'm not at my peak of fitness at the moment.

At least the accident meant it was difficult to eat for a few weeks so I'm lighter than I've been in years.

I've run twice this week, I'm fitter than I expected so I'm sure I'll do it. I have taken up Bupa's training programme and will stick with Stepping Stones for a couple of weeks.

A bit concerned about it being such a public venue - all those spectators - I hope the atmosphere on the day will banish my nerves.

I might aim for a Park Run in a couple of weeks as I've never run in a crowd

Phew! I feel so brave :-)

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I've just replied to your message on my post!

Good luck with the training, you'll be great!


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