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Decided not to Parkrun this morning

Feeling a bit disappointed but the decision was took out of hands I suppose.

My annoying shin splint is back! I think I did too much last week to be honest. My local Parkrun has a couple of steep hills which I'm not used to and on Tuesday I did speed intervals and I've since read that hills and increased pace can cause shin splints....silly me!

I actually woke up early to get ready to go this morning but the pain was still there when I started walking around and I had run out of KT tape, so I thought it best not to make it worse.

I was really looking forward to it too, especially as I can't go next week as I have plans with my children.

Might still go out later and attempt a short gentle jog to see how it feels.

Hope all those who took part in their Parkrun today had a great time!

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That's disappointing and frustrating for you J,but you've done the right thing by giving the Parkrun a miss this week.

Never had shinsplints yet,thank goodness...can't be pleasant.

Take care, hope you can get out for that gentle jog later today or tomorrow...take it easy though .


Thank you Carolecal.

I was feeling sorry for myself earlier but now I know I would've been silly to try and run this morning! I'm even going to leave the gentle jog til tomorrow, just to rest it another day.


That's a shame, but you did the sensible thing, I reckon. Running with an injury is a no-no, as lots of people on this forum know, me included :( I hope it gets better soon and you can go again.


Thank you, yes in hindsight I'm pleased I decided not to go, I would've just done more damage and probably would've been laid up even more!


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