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What is the value of my graduation post?

Well, it satisfies the overwhelming need of this poster to yell to the whole world (alright, to the readers of this forum) that he has become a runner and joined the massed ranks of all those who have travelled the same route and overcome the doubts that it was indeed possible.

I would hope that it would provide encouragement to those who are mid programme or contemplating starting, that even this 57 year old with dodgy knees has managed to complete the course. Okay, I suppose that I am (should I say was?) averagely fit, but I haven't run since I was at school forty years ago, yet I completed C25K and have discovered a new lease of life. I don't sleep any better and I have to admit to being tired for the rest of the day after a run, having hoped that I would experience the energy boost that some claim. Maybe that will come when I level off the challenges to my stamina, but I intend to keep pushing for the time being.

The new lease of life is probably more psychological and was the unexpected consequence of C25K. Since I started, the attainment of targets has made me glow inwardly with smug pride and although I have had a very sociable summer with some glorious weather, I will remember this period as the start of my running career. The utilitarian need to “do something to maintain my health” has turned into a wonderful obsession, getting me in touch with my environment and my body in a totally refreshing way. I love running.

My post should also say thank you to all the people who put C25K together and also this community. I graduated without any major need for advice from the forum, but I have been highly impressed by the hugely supportive nature of the C25K graduates and others with advice and encouragement to those who are finding it difficult for one reason or another. What a lovely bunch of people. I am honoured to join your number.

The post also allows me the opportunity to say how proud I am of my wife, who has just completed W2R3+1, because she thought she needed to get her aching thigh muscles sorted before moving on to W3. I never tried to persuade her to run (I know that would not have worked and she said that running was not for her) but I think she could see the change in me and didn't want to get left behind. A brilliant result and I look forward to us doing some longer runs together in a few weeks time.

Finally, it enables me to write YABBADABBADOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Okay, so what next......

PS I composed this at lunch time today, hoping my graduation run would be a good one. It was really hard and very slow after a working week, but I did it!!

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What a great graduation post!!

Huge congratulations to you, well done! And good luck to your wife on her journey, I'm sure she'll do just as well!

Happy running :-)


Congratulations and well done on completing the program. I hope that you enjoy your new lease of life and the future runs that you and your wife will be able to do together


Congratulations - especially on inspiring someone else to start running too. That's great. :)

Don't forget to go and ask for your grad badge - ok, it's just a little grey box of words, but you've earned it - and this site goes on being useful well after week 9. So - what's your next challenge going to be?


I want to try the local Park Run and we have a local 10k run in May next year, so stamina training through the winter, which is a total unknown since I have only been running during the summer. I hope my grad badge is on its way.

Thanks to all for congratulations.


Bet you'll love winter running - I started in December and ran through snow and ice, which was fun (well, maybe not so much the ice)! It was so much easier than running in this heat. Though admittedly the 'getting out the door' bit was sometimes a bit of a challenge. I wonder whether I'll find it harder this year, without the 'I'm a runner - goodness me' motivation?


There is more than a trace of the masochist in all of us on this kick. I am not so worried about the cold as the lack of any light whatsoever on my cross country route. I don't fancy pounding pavements.


Oh, yes. I'd forgotten about the dark. I wasn't so keen on that, I must admit - even running on pavements is a bit dodgy, when the lighting is uneven. Some people use head-torches, but that does seem a bit extreme. Though I suppose, running anywhere at all seemed extreme a year ago!


Woohoo - congratulations on graduating! And how fantastic that your wife is joining you too. Enjoy your runs together :)


Big congratulations on your graduation ! ....and well done to your wife for completing W2.

Happy running :)


Great post! Congratulations on your graduation:)


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