Yodel-ay-hee-hoo :-)

DeliaItaly is knackered. I know all you bloggerettes will miss me, but I'm off to the Tyrolese Alps for a week. Escaping from absurdly hot weather (partly responsible for my bad running); my ageing Dad; his tiresome careperson and this computer. See you all soon, be good and keep on running. I shall do so in the mountains Heidi permitting, xox delia

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  • Have a lovely cool time! We will miss you, but you will return all refreshed, cool and ready to rock again :)

  • Sure will...don't like packing much though!

  • Have a super time and chill between your runs. Pat :-)

  • Thanks Pat -- there's a nice spa nearby and a nudist pool but I don't think I'll try that one ....

  • It'll be even cooler!!

  • You could try this after your naked run :-)

  • You could try this after your naked run :-)

  • Here's me just back and you're off! Have a great time and enjoy running in the fresher air! xx

  • Hey Linda! Welcome back! See you next week xox d

  • Have a wonderful time.. I'm just unpacking. ;(

    I hate packing too.. Nearly as much as I hate ironing!!

    Have fun!!

  • Chill out, for sure, Delia. Sounds great! Best wishes for recharging and refreshing. Thanks again for your support in my quest of the grey badge.

  • OhCanada -- a Joni Mitchell fan :-)

  • Have a lovely holiday in the mountains, sounds beautiful & great for hill practice! ;-)

  • Hope I can get away ...it's all systems go -- hubby, 3 kids (2 grown-up) and...dadada...mother-in-law....

  • The Alps sound lovely at this time of year. The sun can be blisteringly hot though at altitude - got caught out last year and suffered with dehydration afterwards.

    I have family here at the moment, so spending time on the beaches but quite looking forward to some walks in the Pyrenees next month when it's a bit cooler (and quieter).

    Enjoy the running - mind the downhill sections!

  • Thanks Landesman. Quite fancy a bash at the "camino" next year!

  • Enjoy yourself. I can see you running through these alpine meadows like Maria in the Sound of Music!

  • Have a fantastic time Delia you more than deserve it after everything!

    Sue xxx

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