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Looking for recommendations for a lightweight, waterproof, breathable, longline running jacket...

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Hoping someone can help! I'm in Cornwall so not too worried about warmth as the weather is mild (temperaturewise), but it is often damp and mizzley, if not downright storms and gales...I'm hoping someone can suggest a brand or specific waterproof, breathable jacket which might extend to cover as much of the bum area as possible, but without padding as I'd rather layer when necessary.

Any thoughts?

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Ron Hill.. lightweight , and breathable.... and lots of bargains to be had online! Also light enough to carry in a bag if need be:)

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PippayoungartGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks - i’ll look that up.

I in Cornwall from Sunday for a week hope to do some running

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PippayoungartGraduate in reply to Garden17

You’d better pack a waterproof!

I have put one in hope it not going to be that bad lol

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With regards to bum coverage - I run in a lightweight waterproof & breathable cycling jacket - which beautifully covers my bum, but is a bit shorter at the front and doesn’t get in the way of running legs. Cycling jackets are typically longer at the back to compensate for leaning forwards and stretching out your arms. They also have longer than usual sleeves for the same reason - this means I don’t have to bother with gloves I can just put my hands up my sleeves if I need to. 😃

PS Cornwall- love it! We were in Porthcothan a month ago.

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PippayoungartGraduate in reply to Elfe5

That sounds like a great idea! I’ll look into that. Porthcothan? I’m not sure where that is but guess it’s closer to Devon? I’m way out west!

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Elfe5Graduate in reply to Pippayoungart

Porthcothan- tiny place 5 miles west of Padstow- beautiful. Good luck with the jacket. 😀

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