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W4 R2 just awful ..... hoping tonight goes better

I say just awful but it was my own fault really. I decided to change my route and shake things up a bit. I had no idea I was such a creature of habit! Instead of my normal, almost 95% footpath, based run I took in a lot more roads / pavement. It was awful. It felt as though I was slowing down every 10 seconds to look both ways before crossing the road. The constant stop / start played havoc with my momentum. It was also really, really hot.

Well that was three day's ago. Tonight is the night for R3. I'm going back to my old, tried and test, road free run and hopefully that will help a little.

On the last run I struggeld for the entire time with the exception of the last 2 minutes of jogging which I found really easy. Just proves I'm nuts.

Wish me luck!

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I'm sure it will go well, I'm forever having 'bum' runs followed by really good ones. Good luck this evening.


Don't worry, we all have bad runs and they are usually followed by good ones. Hope it goes well this evening.


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