Couch to 5K

Oh yes!

Had a great run today- 5k trail run in 30 mins- very happy with that! After various injuries, working from my big toes, to knees to lower back and then pelvis, I finally feel like my body might have got strong enough to run well! Touch wood :)

Thinking about going to a park run Saturday - maybe the Crawley one as apparantly a lot of it is on a trail - anyone tried it?

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I've not been to Crawley parkrun so can't say for certain, but I did the R4L at Tilgate. Most of that was on the tracks, only the stretch past the walled garden and down the drive to the alternative entrance, then across the dam and home were paved. That was one big loop though, I'd be surprised if parkrun was exactly the same (you need twice as many signs and marshals if you do one big loop rather than 2 smaller loops) but there's so many tracks down there that there probably won't be too much tarmac.

Have fun.


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