Couch to 5K

Oh no not again a new ouch !

After weeks of running I have an excruciating pain in the centre of my left shin I can't actually pull my toes up at times even walking is pole axing me I have had a gait analysis haven't changed shoes have not over extended myself I warm up and cool down and to say I'm a tad miffed is an under exaggeration could this be the dreaded shin splints or a stress fracture I have slight swelling over the injury - volterol cream helps but at times I can't even weight bare HELP !!!

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Oh no rfw! That sounds pretty unpleasant.

Don't forget RICE - Rest Ice Compression Elevation - in other words, put your feet up for a few days and allow it to heal. I just hope it's one of those 'hurts' that comes from nowhere but vanishes just as quickly.

Take care.


It could be shin splints. I've never had it but it is very painful. As the previous response advised RICE. If it doesn't clear up, get some advice from a sports physio. Use the Internet too for information re symptoms.


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