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Speed podcast advice?

We've done the speed 4 times now and I'm still struggling with breathing when I do it. Is smaller steps easier? (This is sort if what I've been doing) or does it make no odds? I'm not keeping up on the 150bpm - have to slow down to be rested enough for the fast one. And the 155bpm "warm up" nearly kills me! Anyone got any advice for completing?

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The C25K+ podcasts hadn't been released when I graduated so I was doing some interval training on my own using lamp posts, why not try that for a while. After a warm up 5 minutes, sprint to next lamp post, then slow pace to comfortable speed to recover for say 2 L/P's then repeat. Try and aim for 4-5 repeats 6 if you can would be ultimate total. Finish with 5 minutes steady pace, then cool down walk. As you get used to the faster sprint you will find your breathing recovers more quickly, your heart rate returns to slower pace and it really will help you get going with the Speed workout. Bonus is you can listen to any of your favorite music too.

Make sure you have a flat road and good pavements to work on, even if you have to turn around and go back up it. Hope this helps, it did for me.

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I love the idea of using lamp posts!


Yep its so simple, they are evenly spaced especially on long roads, you can't fail using it for intervals. The boys scouts have used it since they started so why not us ;)


I'll try that in the winter when it's too dark for the park! Thanks!


I huff and puff like crazy doing this, haven't got to a reasonabl breathing pace for it either!


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