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Running on holiday - who'd have believed it ?!!

I'm on holiday on Thassos and took my gear with me. Not sure that I believed I'd actually get up and do it. My second outing was W5R3, I was no Paula Radcliffe but I ran for 20 minutes without stopping!! I was so excited I did a Rocky style celebration when Laura said I'd done it - the 2 holidaymakers sat on their balcony looked somewhat alarmed at the sight of me jumping up and down punching the air!!! When I started the plan I never thought I'd be able to run but week 6 here I come. Thanks to everyone for the support and advice, it really helps xx

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Well done you that really us an achievement and on your hols too!! I'd say it's time to celebrate... Greek style!!!


Yamas Ju - well, it would be rude not to!!!


That's brilliant ! Bet you're glad you packed your gear now.

Good luck with W6 ( I started on it today) and enjoy the rest of your time on Thassos.Happy holiday running :)


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