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Wk7/R1 completed - but only just

I had been feeling so confident since my first 25 min run last Saturday that I decided to ditch Laura and run to my own music using run keeper. BIG MISTAKE - Although the music was good I set of too fast and then I realised by the second track that this wasn't what I had planned to run to so had to fiddle around while running to get the music back on track. Everything went down hill from there on - I felt awful and really didn't think I could do it but didn't know why. For the first time since doing the programme my calves were fine but I just felt exhausted. I'd had my pre race banana and water so it wasn't lack of food. At one point I even grabbed on to my husbands arm while running saying I can't do this and this wonderful man just urged me on. As we run in a circuit he was able to stoop down and scoop my water bottle for me which I then glugged at while running(I don't think I could even describe what I was doing as running - it wasn't walking but I honestly don't know what it was). I finished without stopping but was too shattered to feel any sense of elation or achievement. My positive mantras had deserted me and so had Laura (my fault entirely) To be honest I feel quite deflated right now. I now understand what other bloggers mean when they talk about bad runs and that we all have them. Well I've just had mine and I know I will need to put this behind me now and crack on with run 2 on Thursday with Laura. The music may be a bit boring but its obviously chosen to set an achievable pace. I think run keeper will be better for me post graduation when I am stronger.

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Oh dear, poor you Mazzero! Not the best run of your life from the sound of it. Don't let it put you off though! Better than no run! You made it sound as if you set off too quickly and wore yourself out. Put it down to experience and set it behind you. Next time you will probably amaze yourself! Take Laura as well so she can give you the encouragement and help to keep your speed under control.

Good luck for a better run next time out - and be kind to yourself. No need to beat yourself up!


Ah thank you. Beek. I could tell that I wore myself out because it has taken a few hours to recover properly. In future I'm going nowhere without the lovely Laura


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