Couch to 5K

Week 7, did i really run THAT long?

Laura said it starts to get gruelling now and I think am going to agree with her. Went for a run on Saturday with my daughter and ended up far ahead of her so am wondering if maybe I'm going at too fast a pace? At the end of the run am really spent, but feeling good and I can't resist the urge to run that little bit extra after walking for a wee while.

The good thing is graduation is now just within reach, however at the moment I am running 3.90km in 25 mins so actually doing 5k in 30 mins seems a little way away. Can I still graduate having not run 5k in the 30 mins I wonder?

First run today with the rain falling which was soooo nice and cooling even though it only lasted a short while. Bring on week 8! :)

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Hi, sounds good, of course you can graduate, Laura said last week that it is about running for 30 minutes not distance and that comes eventually, with fitness comes stamina, you are doing really well, nearly there, enjoy week 8 (and hopefully some cooler, wetter weather) :-)


Many thanks Tor and just get you done the 5k in 30 mins in week 7! Am jealous ;)


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