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Medical advise before starting to do C25K..any advise, suggestion, comment please!!

Hi, Just wondering whether any one here had taken any medical advice before staring the C25K? If I am to run more than 5K (to increase up to 10K + gradually), am I to consult the Dr and ask whether my heart is ok?? Has anyone done that?? So far, I have not had any medical condition but who knows what I have that I never knew! Any suggestion or comment is very much appreciated! Many thanks.

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I'm 53 and on one of my very few visits (I like to save things up and bombard all in one go) I mentioned that as I was thinking of taking up running, should I have some checks made. The doctor sniggered sarcastically at me and said he would take my blood pressure! It made me feel stupid yet eveything I'd read said to get checked out by a doctor.

I would definately get a check if it will make you feel happier and as for your heart, it will love you taking up running. Just follow the podcasts. It's a brilliant programme. Good luck.



Thank you very much kirble, I did not see the Dr before starting to run in Feb this year, I have never run before in my life, as a kid I have done few sports but that was about it. I am 44. I heard few incidents where people dying while running, people who have never had any complication, but they were doing Marathons so I just wondered whether I should get myself checked as well! I have a 6 year old, so can't die as yet, the whole reason why I took up running was to be healthy and live until my son grows up!


I have a thyroid issue and asked my doctor if I could run as I was at the end of a really nasty virus. She checked my pulse and blood pressure and said i could start but if i found recovery was taking too long, slow down a bit. Basically she said listen to your body and respond in kind. But I am a believer in checking pulse and blood pressure as I found out I had a thyroid problem years ago because I had a high pulse and it was dangerous.


Many thanks Realfoodieclub. As far as I know I do not have any health problem, it is just that if there is a problem and I don't know. I am sure the Dr would not take me seriously if I go to the Surgery and say that I am going to run 10K and am I ok to do it. It's just that it scared me to read that there were few people had died while doing marathons etc. I don't think I will do a marathon for a while though! My next aim is to do a 10K, but so far I have never had a breathing problem or anything at all while running, after running etc. Have done so many 5K and one 10K so far. If it is 'be kind to your body', I am so at the minute. I do only if I feel like doing something, well, there are few minor problems afterwards at times, like knee ache after a 10K run but then they are so far all have been just for a day or two.


Hi Mini, I have a mild heart problem and a narrowing artery which 3.1/2 years ago they said would probably need a stent/operation in a year or two!! Doctor always asks me when I go for a check up if I'm still running, yes is my answer to which he replies, "good its working" My blood pressure is good my heart is under less pressure than it was pre running days and I'm feeling healthier and happier than I was. My asthma is improved too, so this once old crock is now fighting fit. Hope this helps alleviate some of your concerns but its not a bad thing to check with your doctor it also lets them note it on your records for future reference.

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Dear Oldgirl, many thanks for your reply. Next time I go to the Dr, I think I will just mention it that I am running and plan to run 10K in future. I am happy that you don't have your health issues now and it is great to hear that those did not stop you from running. You are great! Keep up the good work!


Hi Mini13,

I was diagnosed with severe hypertension (very very high blood pressure) and alot of the advice from NHS and BP websites was to increase my activity levels ... so I never actually asked them before I started C25K, but as they checked out heart etc, I took it at my pace and realised that my BP dropped after running, and it has really helped get me under control.

I'm still here and doing well :)


Many thanks amsjo, what you say really helps. It is just that I heard so many people die while running etc and got a bit concerned as to why it happened. I am glad that running really helps you and keep it up! Take care!


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