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Week 8 - can't believe it

Hi everyone,

I haven't posted anything since the site changed, I was no longer logged in and gave up trying to sort it. But I've been checking out the posts and questions. Been nice just to lurk, but felt the need to jump back in this week.

So anyway I made it through week 6 and the last of the intervals. Then came big bad week 7 which I found really tough. 25 minutes felt very long and after the first run I didn't stretch enough and ended up with really achy thighs. I was so grateful when Laura told me there was only 60 seconds left, and she's having a laugh if she thinks I can up the pace for them. But I finished each run, just. Next, on to week 8, convinced that 25 minutes was my limit. But wonder of wonders I found that I really can stretch it to 28. How on earth did that happen? Doing C25K has given me a new appreciation of time. It really makes me aware of how long 60 seconds can be, and the 3 minutes difference between week 7 and week 8 sounded like eternity.

But here I am, 2 x 28 minute runs done and 1 to go before week 9. I started in week 1 doubting whether I'd make it to week 2, and week 2 wondering if that was it for me, and week 5 thinking 20 minutes is amazing but surely I can't do any more than that. Spot the pattern: every week I thought I couldn't, gave it a try and found that I can.

So to anyone just starting out, I can definitely confirm that just by sticking to the programme and doing what Laura says you will be able to get up to 28 mins, and I don't have any reason to think that 30 mins is beyond reach.

Good luck all.


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Hi Liz you sound just like I felt nearly 3 years ago when for me week one was nearly my last week, oh heavens above I thought I was going to die!!! But I kept on going and was amazed each time I started a new week to find that I could, just like you. C25K works, if you do the work it works and works well. Well done you, you now have only 4 runs left and I'm pretty sure there will be no stopping you. All the best for your Graduation run and beyond Liz.

Liz (also)


Hi serenlas! Thank you for such a positive post. I struggled today and felt so utterly dreadful, thought I was about to die too. Must be the heat. I think it is that rather than the distance/time of 25 minutes. (I've got 1 more run for week 7)

At the moment I'm having a bit of a wobble. I struggle with the heat at the best of times but today was awful. Maybe I should go to a gym for a month or so and air-con but I wobble even more on dreadmills!

GOOD LUCK with week 9 - you KNOW you can do it!


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