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Back in the game!

After 3 weeks off with a leg injury I a have finally been able to get back out there. Getting to 5k in 42mins and feeling disheartened as I'm having to do 5min sets. It has just been getting too hot and sweaty. Leg has thankfully been okay but all that excellent progress where I ran for 28mins non stop has slipped away. I know I just need to carry on and I'll get back up there.

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Cheer up! You'll be back there in no time. It is sticky out there though! :)


I had a break post graduation too as I went a bit crazy, pushed myself too hard and got an injury- I've now cautiously resumed- I started with w3 then jumped to w5 r 3 - running 20 mins - I'm gonna stick with this for a while, try and rebuild my strength without the injury before moving back up to 5k.

It is frustrating, but better than not being able to do it all :)

Good luck!


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