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Week 4 run 1

This is the first time i'm posting only just found this. I'm finding c25k really good, although the heat isn't helping. Just in from my week 4 run 1, legs are aching but i feel good. When i heard laura say i was gonna run 5 minutes I did feel a bit intimidated but got through and I'm really proud.

I;ve just signed up for the 5k great north run in september.

So fingers crossed i make it

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I am in week four as well. I did run one on Sunday and hoping to go out tomorrow. I was so worried about running for 5 min before the run but felt great that I did it. I just hope tomorrow goes the same way. I've never run 5 min before in my life not even at school.


Excellent! Well done! I remember that feeling too, it's so daunting but you just manage it somehow! Amazing!

I'm also hoping to sign up for the Bupa Great North 5k too so may see you there!


I'm starting week 4 on Thursday (today's a rest day and tomorrow I do swimfit) and looking forward to it. Well done for signing up for the Great North Run, I don't feel up to doing any events yet, but will be very happy if I get to do my local parkrun at some point.


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