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what to eat on long runs?

I am half way through my half marathon training and am having big problems with what my body will tolerate on the longer runs. I have read a lot of the web about when you need to start worrying about nutrition etc., so know I can probably get away with just water or High5 (which I can tolerate) for about 1.5 hours. But beyond that? (Can you tell I am a slow runner!)

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I tried a gel the other day at 1 hour into a 2 hour HM in training and I think it may have helped with the energy levels. You could try one and see how u get on.


would you suggest a particular brand or just gels in general?


Meant to ask you when in your half marathon and how long are your long runs currently?


HM is in August and my long runs are between 12 to 18k normally. Just see how I feel and what time I have available




I took it at the half way point (1 hour 10k ish) only tried them once, my local cycle shop had SIS brand in stock so I tried that.


Have you tried Jelly Babies? A lot of runners swear by them and they are cheap and readily available.

Nutritional Info:-


Glucose Syrup ,

Water ,

Gelatine (Bovine) ,

Concentrated Fruit Juices* (1%) (Apple, Lime, Orange, Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Lemon, Raspberry) ,

Acids (Citric, Acetic) ,

Natural (Lemon, Lime, Raspberry) Flavourings with other Natural Flavourings ,

Natural Orange Flavouring ,Natural Flavourings ,

Concentrated Vegetable Extracts (Black Carrot, Spinach, Stinging Nettle, Turmeric) ,

Colours (Vegetable Carbon, Paprika Extract, Lutein) ,

*Equivalent to 5.5% Fruit Juice

1/4 of a Big Bag (190G) gives:-

kcal 160 kcal


Carbohydrate 37.9g


Well I didn't know jelly babies had black carrot and stinging nettle in them. Fascinating!


Haha thats how I survived 2 weeks with my Grandson, I helped him eat his jelly babies (naughty grandma) ;) Didn't mean to imply he was naughty, he's very well behaved just full of energy :)


I tried jelly beans, and the result after three of them wasn't pretty. Then I tried eating a peanut every km, washed down with plenty water. Not a good idea either. That's when I asked the question. Since then I made health bars from the no meat athlete's ( recipes, took four 1inch squares with me, and it worked pretty well, stayed down and I did not get nauseous either; and that was last weekend running in gruelling heat. So I am a happy bunny. Just need to get my head into gear again as for some stupid reason I have a fear of the half marathon distance, even though I have cranked up longer runs to just over 14km. It is all in the head, after all


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