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I don't believe it...AT LAST I'm able to sign in

I've spent over a week in the wilderness. It's been horrid. I've read all your posts but not been able to reply because Nothing worked. I felt like a ghost :(

Where have our green shiny badges gone. I don't want a grey one.

I have to thank Lora in admin for sorting me out finally but gosh it took lots of emails and frustration.

I and notpheidippides are still running 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Actually NP runs for 35mins and does 5k.

Last week I passed 8 dog walkers!!! 3 of them were in the same group so I spose they don't count.

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Hello Lycra! Glad you finally got here!


Thank you. I've SO missed being here! When will we get our proper green shiny badges back? Do you know?


I think these ARE the proper badges :-)


Shall we have a campaign? :) They did at least put back the wording to graduate - for a wee while it said c25k I think, so they can change it! ;)


Me too, have managed to sign in, write a response to another blogger, only to attempt to post it and be told I need to sign in!

I'm still attempting 3 runs a week, but have to say that this morning I returned home after about 20 minutes, dripping in the heat, breathless and feeling as if I'd attempted a speed marathon :(

Hope our distinctive badges return - dislike the boring grey - and the web designers have put enough green elsewhere, so we know they have the palette!

Awwwww well, here's to continued running for us all - and fervently hoping we can all get back to the friendly, supportive blogging we liked so much beforehand.

Take care Lycra, Cheers Linda :)


tee hee Linda -- it was a false alarm. Had to log in again just now. What a pain.


I cant sign in either despite changing password drives me crazy. I can only reply. I have now done week7 run1 and managed to run 25minutes . I am really please I found week 1 difficult the brisk walk tired me out and I thought Laura wants me to run now I felt I would never manage. Love the running


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