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Race For Life, Worthing Sea Front

Well!!! Thank you to all the community who have responded to my posts/blogs -

I started running around end of February, and this Sunday ran in Race for Life on a very hot, shade-less and breeze-less Worthing Sea Front - my first ever 5km official run. Time wasn't as good as I hoped - about a minute more than I usually do, and I had to walk for a bit..... but I completed it without any problems. And I am so thrilled! I can't quite believe it is me doing this - neither can any of my friends and family.

So to all of you starting out on Couch to 5k - keep it up, because if I can do it, then everyone can!

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The first official 5k is always one to remember! Well done, and Worthing sounds like a great place to do the RFL.


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