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Yey! Graduate badges are back!

Thank you to the team! It must be very difficult to deal with the fallout from something like this. And I'd be willing to bet the people replying to messages aren't the same people who made the decisions about when and how the changes would be rolled out. Don't shoot the messengers.

Here's to a new forum 99% of people are happy with ( coz you can't win 'em all )

In other news, off out for a run. :-)

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Unfortunately they are a dull grey instead of a nice green, I don't want one as much now :D


Pick your battles.... ;-)


Thanks! Sorry the colour doesn't work for you (I'll feed it back to our design team!)


Lol am only being piffy Matt, although animated sparklers and fireworks might also reflect how people really feel about graduating .... any chance?? ;) tee hee


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