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Week 7 done ,only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun!

Week 7 has been a challenge because of the heat and other commitments. But I have surprised myself yet again and rose to the challenge. I often run later in the evening because I don't cope with heat well. I also have had to fit it all in between making hay and carting 250 bales ,that was a workout in itself! I am starting to feel like a runner albeit a slow one but I'm getting there.

I have just downloaded runkeeper to map my runs. How accurate are running apps? Anyone use this or any other. According to runkeeper I ran 1.90 miles averaging 13:08 min per mile tonight. I am rather slow but hopefully will get faster as the weeks go on. Would it be better to download an app that worked things out in km rather than miles?Onwards to week eight.....bring it on!

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Most apps will allow you to change from miles to kilometres in the settings. Runkeeper dos allow this.

I like iSmoothrun as it is easily customisable and will post to most sites.


Gps apps are at the mercy of your phone, some days it'll be spot on the next - not so much, but on average it'll do the job. I'm sure runkeeper can be changed to metric, but I don't have it installed any more.


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