Couch to 5K

Eeeeeek first park run!!!

I graduated on Wednesday (no badge yet boooo) and decided to celebrate by signing up for my first park run. Looking at the stats on the website it will be highly likely I'll be last. I've only run 4k in 35mins so anticipate coming in at a slow 45 mins or so!!

Hey ho at least I'm doing it! 12 weeks ago I struggled for 60 seconds! I'm still in shock about my achievement really!

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How did it go? The progress from week one to this astonished me too.


Oh God Canidoit it was a nightmare! I couldn't run it all, it was absolutely boiling hot and had more hills in than I liked! I came last! I started to feel really down when I was going round but so glad I finished. Apparently some people dropped out at the first lap so at least I completed it! My results haven't registered so I have no idea of the time, I'll email them and see if they have it.....saying all that it was a fantastic atmosphere and nice to run with other people. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging you can't help but feel good!


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