Couch to 5K

W4 R3 Eaten alive by flies, summer smells like dog poo!

Today's run went ok,

Thought if I went out at seven it would be cooler, well it was already roasting.

Luckily I had taken water which I really needed after the first 5 min run, breathing was much better though so that is a big improvement on R2.

After being eaten alive by flies, well it gave me something else to concentrate on!

I found I managed ok, well the left leg is getting with the programme and behaved splendidly today the right leg is obviously on another programme and it doesn't like this one!

Still another successful run completed and moving on to Week 5 on Monday.

Saw a post by a couple of other people over the weekend saying they leave 2 days between runs and I think this may be worth considering-I always run better on Monday than Wednesday, Friday is just a catch up, but then again we wouldn't be pushing ourselves would we?

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Just curious about the helpful tag 'Today'...

Did you end up running in a circle, if only one leg was cooperating - I rather like that idea! :)


lol feels like it sometimes, you know when you just have to keep your head down so you can't see that hill and how much further you have to go :-)


Well done Tor's left leg and rest of body! Yep was VERY hot today at around 12 when I did W5R1 so I sympathize. Got covered in greenfly today ..... mind you i suppose i am a rose ;)


I heard somewhere that the birds were starving because of the lack of insects....well we seem to be finding them (maybe we should bag them up) I am sure you are smelling very sweet after your W5 run well done you :-)


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