Couch to 5K

6.47km 47mins

6.47km 47mins

Hey all,

Today I challenged myself to running 4miles as had to change from km in order to get used to the half marathon training. Had a bowl of cheerios before I went as suggested in runners world.

I have this problem of needing the loo (#2) when going on morning runs no matter how much i try to go beforehand. It's really irritating and disruptive. Any suggestions?

Anyway, managed the 4miles, which equated to 6.47km in 47.01minutes.

Had to out Laura on for the final 15 mins though for encouragement.

I can't actually believe that I'm doing this.

Have a good day all.


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well done you....and as for the gut, its quite common ( see other blogs). My son was desperate for one the other day when we went out. Id just do it in the bushes, at least its biodegradeable, and carry on running with a nice spring in your step


Cyclist. 2 hours 28-32km every morning with the energy of our unknown. Or need to succeed and overcome? "I can do so much better"? Perhaps not yet, again, but my time will come again. Well done, and never give up.


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