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First post C25K run and graduate badge

Signed in today and noticed my lovely green "graduate" badge, yay! Don't know why it makes me so happy but it does. :)

Last night I did my first post graduation run and it was not good. I had been busy camping on the weekend and it apparently had taken a lot out of me because when I attempted my usual 30 min run, it was awful. I had a hard time regulating my breathing and my legs felt like lead. Decided I just couldn't go anymore at 25 minutes so I headed home five minutes early.

Even though 25 minutes is a decent run and I only skipped five minutes, I wish I would have pushed through five measly more minutes and completed the run. If I was still doing the program, I know for sure that I would have pushed through it to complete the run and I worry about keeping my running up without C25K. I find just running can get kind of boring and not nearly as much fun or as enjoyable as working through the program.

I guess I'll just chalk that one up to a bad run and head out again tomorrow. I know it would be such a waste to let all my progress slip so I'll keep plodding along.


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Don't feel too disheartened, it has been blimmin hot recently.

If you do need that added motivation now you have graduated, why not try some of the 5km+ podcasts that are on the C25K website?


Who is to say how long your run should be. If there is a nice view, traffic or you feel tired be creative. Just have an extended cool down so you keep the same "time on your feet".

Do some hills, recover at the pace you prefer - (lots of recovery for speed little or not recovery for endurance) or run to somewhere with a great view and enjoy it.


Why not work out a post-C25K plan for now you're finished? I'm the same as you- I like the motivation of a 'programme' and enjoy the satisfaction of achieving small goals and ticking off runs. There are designated programmes out there (B210k, C25k+ etc.) but you could design one yourself if those don't appeal? What's your next running goal? Is there a distance you'd like to achieve? Or a time you'd like to run for? Decide what that goal is and design a programme that gets you there in 6-8 weeks. For example, I'd like to run for 60 minutes so once I finish next week, I'll start my plan that adds 10% to the time I run each week. I'll also run a 5k each week to get my speed up. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it! Good luck! X


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