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First run for 4 weeks - fingers crossed and positive vibes please!

Well, it's been about 4 weeks since I damaged whatever it was I damaged! And it's still not fully recovered. We've been on holiday the last two weeks, the first one on Guernsey where we did a lot of cliff path and quiet-lane walking and then last week in the Brecon Beacons, hill walking. I must have climbed several miles of steps, never mind the flat distance!

I started off limping and in quite a bit of pain but strangely, the more I walked the easier it got and at one point I said to hubby "I don't want to tempt fate but...." and he replied "I noticed you'd stopped limping but didn't want to say anything!"

Anyway, it certainly hadn't got any worse and when we got back at the weekend I had to pop down to the Post Office, about 5min walk, so I decided to try a slow jog back the long way round. That seemed to go well, no after-effects, so my plan was to go out this morning, try a couple of very steady 10min intervals and see how it felt.

The first 10min was great - ran a decent pace and felt like I could have carried on but stuck to the plan and walked for 2mins before setting off again. This was a little harder, definitely slower but speed wasn't important. I could feel the muscle tightening but kept on for the whole 10mins then decided that it was better to quit while I was ahead and walked back. I was relieved that my stamina seems to have maintained, probably thanks to all the tough walking over the holiday, and I didn't struggle with the running.

So, tomorrow will be interesting! If the muscle has stood up to the test and hasn't got any worse, I'll try 2 x 15mins on Weds and try to build up distance over the next two weeks ready for the Anniversary Run. I really wanted to run the whole thing but I know that may not be possible and to be honest, I'll be very happy to just get round!

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sensible plan, and what a lovely holiday,,,,,,well done and I hope it eases soon


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